Maldives: Luxury Island Life at Velassaru

I'll give you a bit of background info before we hop into the juicy bits... Back in December 2016 I got asked if I wanted to take part in a competition with called 'Booked in 60 Seconds' (yup you can click that to see the entire competition unfold and plenty of awkward camera moments from me). I was competing against Pavan Vesque and happened to kick his a** and win my way to a luxury stay in the Maldives for 2. Here's the review:

The hotel: Velassaru, Maldives

The Location: Kaafu Atoll, Maldives. This island is just a 25min boat ride away from Male and of course the hotel takes care of the transportation part. 

The design: We were told they had 129 rooms/villas on the island but the way everything is laid out you feel more like there's just 10. All the facilities are designed beautifully and well maintained, you can feel the luxury across the entire island (which you can walk up and down in about 25 minutes). There are 10 different types of accommodation and we had the  luck of being upgraded to a deluxe bungalow.

The room: The deluxe bungalow is pretty much everything when it comes to 'bathroom goals'. The bathroom is an open air one with a shower that is completely outside in a little sand garden. The room comes with your usual bathrobe but Velassaru have upped their game and added some flip flops (not that I wore anything on my feet the entire stay there). They understand hydration is key so they provide you with 2 big bottles of water every day.

The toiletries: It wouldn't be luxury if they didn't use L'occitane for their toiletries and yes I did steal any of the little bottles we didn't use, sorry guys!

The restaurants: There are a total of 8 restaurants/bars on the island (again you would not be able to tell, everything is so tucked away it's incredible). We only ate at 2 of the restaurants as that was what was included in our full board package.

Breakfast and dinner was at the buffet in Vela and lunch was from the menu (starter, main and desert was included in full board) at Turquoise (do yourself a favor and eat the coconut crusted prawns). Although we definitely indulged a lot more than we usually do, I never felt bloated so I'm sure all the ingredients are clean and come from the right places. And if you get the chance definitely have a sunset drink by the Chill Bar.

Activities: Snorkeling, snorkeling, snorkeling is basically all we did and we loved it. Unfortunately a lot of the coral was dead due to global warming but there was sea life galore. We spotted a massive sting ray, a lion fish and lots of trigger fish (FYI these buggers will come after you with their massive buck teeth if you are around one of their nests). You can get the run down of snorkeling and arrange your excursions and any dive trips at the dive centre! We stopped by the water sports centre and there's plenty of things you can try out (they are a little on the pricey end though): 

  • Water-skiing
  • Knee boarding
  • Wakeboarding
  • Windsurfing
  • Parasailing
  • Catamaran sailing
  • Kayaking
  • Transparent glass-bottom kayaks
  • Seabob cayago water rocket
  • Fun tube adventures

You will also receive a little schedule in your room of activities that they host for free or at a fee, one of the things that were free but we didn't get a chance to do is the beach yoga (we happened to see it when we were out snorkeling and it looked like a beautiful set up). They've also got snorkeling excursions, (night)fishing and lots of other activities on the schedule so keep an eye out for that!

The spa: I didn’t get a treatment at the spa unfortunately but KC did and he came back smelling like a stick of lemongrass and looked blissed out (I did get to check out their spa pool and I apologize for using the word again but GOALS).

The pool: I used the pool once because why would you use a pool when you are on a tropical island surrounded by ocean with the perfect temperature. That being said the pool (ahem infinity pool) did have the most breathtaking view at the edge of the island. 

The gym: Again why would you use the gym in a place like this BUT that being said, I did take a look at it and the view you get from the gym is It is in the heart of the island, surrounded by jungle and everything is glass windows from top to bottom. The equipment was pretty solid for a resort gym and they even had an impeccable tennis court around the corner. 

The service: No words can describe how kind the staff were. They took brilliant care of us, we had lovely dinner conversations with them and on our last day we joined them for a bit of fun (the weather was getting super stormy on our last day so the beach activity guys took out their homemade skim board and let us have a go as well). One thing they also offer is a free 30-minute photoshoot with one of their photographers and they will gift you one of the photos as a print out, which is really sweet. 

Medical services: Random category? Definitely, but bear with me. On our last day I tried my luck at skim boarding with the staff and I went face first into the sand and banged up my knee. Blood everywhere but only a small gash. At dinner I asked for a plaster as there was stuff oozing out (sorry for the imagery) so they sent in Dr. Hassan (totally over the top I know) and he took me to his little medical centre which was kitted out with cream and machinery you might need and it was super clean. So if you ever have a medical issue at Velassaru you are very well taken care of (he did mention he gets more staff in as patients since there are a whopping 350 of them).

All in all we were truly spoilt and I think we did bring the average age down a notch as it seems to be a popular destination for honeymooners but if you have some money to blow in the Maldives I would definitely recommend this place! 

ps. There is an ice-cream man. Yes, you read correctly and he roams the island around noon on his ice-cream bicycle thing. Find him and he will give you some delicious home made ice-cream or sorbet (whichever they have on tap, but they are ALL delicious and this comes from an ice cream snob).

pps. If you fear the wrath of tropical mosquitoes as much as me, fear not for they've done something magical to ensure there's not a single mosquito in sight.

ppps. Click HERE to book your magical stay at Velassaru, enjoy!